As most of my friends can attest, I have been an avid user/advocate of Snapchat since early 2013. As a seasoned veteran, I regularly participate in the conversation with friends, coworkers, and clients regarding if Snapchat is for everyone, particularly businesses. My answer is always the same… It depends.

One of the (many) great things about Snapchat is that businesses can participate without having to actually operate their own account. Snapchat allows businesses to design and purchase Geotags that brand their physical location. Having a geotag is the equivalent of a Facebook “check in” these days, and for that reason, I highly recommend them to clients that own businesses with foot traffic (restaurants, clothing stores, or entertainment venues.) As far as creating and operating a Snapchat account as a business, my recommendation would be on a per client basis. For example, in a situation where my client was their own brand (like a motivational speaker or an artist), Snapchat is beneficial because it allows for opportunities to deliver their singular message directly to their clientele without effecting the quality of their “brand.” The same could not be said for a law firm or a hospital. There are many situations in which having a Snapchat can help with marketing (especially to Millennials), but in the end… it just depends.


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