A picture is worth a thousand words right? Companies have been taking advantage of this concept using Instagram a a major marketing tool. Being able to instantly post photos with short, easy-to-read captions have changed the social media marketing game.

But how can you create a post that is Insta-Worthy? How can you make your page pop? We have these tips that we find helpful for creating the most effective Instagram account.

Watch the Number of Posts. You want to have a presence on someone’s timeline. However, it is not welcomed for an overload. Posting everyday is acceptable. Where posting more than once a day is frowned upon, because some users find it to be in the way of their social posts.

Using a Mix of Photos and Videos. Not only is it giving variety to the Instagram page, but it allows interactivity for the user. The user is able to click between posts to watch the videos over just skimming through the photos on the page.

-Take Advantage of the Bio. This portion of the profile is dedicated to allow you to express what you are about. It can be generic, with only having general information. However, why not be bold and creative with it? Put in hashtag mottos, state your core values, or point out what makes you better than the rest.

-Captions Don’t Need to be Excessive. A person skimming through their feed won’t stop to read a paragraph caption. They allow for the photo to do the talking. Instagram is visual story-telling. Captions should be short, sweet, and to-the-point. The number of hashtags used should be a maximum of three.

-Find Innovative Ways to Post. One way this could be done is using the multiple photo post. This is helpful if there is a tough choice between photos or if more pictures are needed to create more sense to a post. Another Instagram tactic is using multiple posts to create a big picture on a profile. It can consist of six to nine photos that are small portions of a photo. They are posted in a small period of time that generates curiosity in a user to come to the profile page.


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